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To ECHO God's promises of truth and hope; A place where the healing journey can begin.

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We are a faith-based 501c3 organization, dedicated to offering an environment of support and encouragement. The Bible teaches us that each person is unique and irreplaceable, loved by God, who has an amazing plan and purpose for their life.
 Each guest who visits the ranch has the opportunity to spend time with one or more of our sweet horses who have suffered from neglect or abuse in their past.
The amazing connection between human and equine can happen through grooming, riding, liberty work or even just watching these majestic animals and can replicate our relationship with God and others. It is our desire that guests will learn to trust and grow in faith and confidence as they build a partnership with the horses and mentor. 

Echo Ranch also offers other activities to our community such as gardening and arts and craft projects.

Through your generous donations, we are able to do this free of charge.

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