Sonny, is an Arabian in his mid 20's who was mishandled and abused for the majority of his life.  Because of that, Sonny has major fear and trust issues.  Even though it's slow going, he has come a long way in his time at Echo Ranch.  He loves and thrives doing Liberty work with guests who visit Echo Ranch.

Baby Hope is a three year old filly Quarter Horse who was born at Echo Ranch. Her mom was pregnant and running wild with a herd of horses who were getting up on the highway at the time of her rescue.  She is such a sweet girl and is doing very well under saddle.  
Little Licorice, is a mini Welsh who was used and abused as a rodeo pony.  He has major fear and trust issues but is slowly learning to embrace his new life.  Our goal with him is to be able to take him to nursing homes, etc. to let him visit with people who aren't able to come out to the ranch.
This girl is a Spotted Saddle Horse, who was neglected and starving when she was rescued. She, along with 20 other horses were living in mud up to their knees and eating toxic weeds to survive.  Because of that Quinnie's liver and intestines were damaged and she has ongoing health issues.  In spite of that, she is the sweetest and friendliest horse at Echo Ranch.
This Spotted Saddle Horse who was rescued from the same herd as Quinnie but she was also pregnant.  Even though she was a baby herself, she was able to give birth to a healthy filly who was immediately adopted.  Frenchie, too, had some health issues but has been able to overcome most of them.  Other than her growth being stunted from starvation and pregnancy, she has become the perfect little riding horse for children who visit Echo Ranch.
This sweet girl is the newest member of Echo Ranch. She is a 10 year old Tennessee Walker who loves people. She was rescued from a neglectful life of starvation but has made a complete recovery. Savannah is now thriving and doing a wonderful job in her new role at Echo Ranch.

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