Sonny is an Arabian in his mid-20's who was mishandled and abused for most of his life. Because of that, Sonny has major fear and trust issues. Even though it's slow going in his healing journey, he has come a long way in his time at Echo Ranch. He loves and thrives doing Liberty work with guests who visit Echo Ranch.

Baby Hope is a four year old filly Quarter Horse who was born at Echo Ranch. Her mom was pregnant and running wild with a herd of horses who were getting up on the highway at the time of her rescue. She is such a sweet girl and is doing very well under saddle.  
Little Licorice, is a 16-year-old mini Welsh who was used and abused as a rodeo pony. He has major fear and trust issues but is slowly learning to embrace his new life. Our goal with him is to be able to take him to nursing homes, etc. to let him visit with people who aren't able to come out to the ranch.


This beautiful 12-year-old Spotted Saddle Horse was rescued from the same herd as Quinnie but she was also pregnant. Even though she was a baby herself, she was able to give birth to a healthy filly who was adopted as soon as she was weaned. Frenchie, too, had some health issues but has been able to overcome most of them. Other than her growth being stunted from starvation and pregnancy, she has become the perfect little riding horse for children and small adults who visit Echo Ranch.



This sweet girl was adopted by Echo Ranch in 2017. She was rescued from a neglectful life of starvation but has made a complete recovery. Savannah is an 12-year-old Tennessee Walker who is now thriving and doing a wonderful job in her new role.


This beautiful 23-year-old Mustang Quarter Horse was adopted from a family who was no longer able to care for her. Shasta was well loved by her previous owner but had suffered abuse earlier in her life. At Echo Ranch, she is used as a confident trail horse. 



Lexi is a 20-year-old Appendix with lots of training and experience but also brings some sass. Her opinion is strong but once she believes in your leadership, she will do anything asked of her.



This little spicey girl is an 12-year-old mini horse. She is as sweet and adorable as can be but is also not afraid to express her opinion. April came to us in 2019 along with her pasture-mate Shasta because her previous family was no longer able to care for her.




Our beloved old man, Flyer is 35 years-old Arabian. He came to us as a neglect and starvation case in 2016.

Out of the three horses that were taken from their former situation, Flyer was the only one to survive. When he was first in the re-feeding process, he choked, aspirated, got pneumonia and nearly died but this guy is a fighter with a will to live.

*Update on Flyer* Sadly on November 25th, 2020, we had to say goodbye to our sweet old man. He was suffering from an auto-immune disease that caused him great pain in his legs and feet. Flyer will forever be in our hearts.



Cody, an 11-year-old  Appaloosa, who loves bananas for a snack, came to us as an evacuee during the fires this past summer. He has been part of Sound Equine Options for a couple years now and even though he's had quite a bit of training, he has never really figured out how to be a good citizen. One reason could be that he was diagnosed with no vision in his left eye and has chronic inflammation in his right eye, which may ultimately lead to the removal of his eye. Since he's been at Echo Ranch, he has continued his training and learned how to integrate into a herd. We believe Cody has great potential and are considering adopting him in the future. 


Kingsley and Knightly

These two handsome boys, we believe are father and son, lived their lives in the wild as stallions until two years ago. Kingsley is about 12-years-old and Knightly is about 17-years-old. They have had extensive training through Sound Equine Options but are still very reactive and sometimes unsure about people. While they are at Echo Ranch, we will work on building trust and help them relax and embrace the domestic life.



This gentle giant is a 23-year-old Palomino Quarter Horse who was ridden hard and put away wet. Because of that, he is full of arthritis and can no longer be ridden. We are working with Drew to learn ground manners and good behavior so he will have a good chance at finding his forever home.

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